What our customers say

"Thank you for the wonderful content of the book and all the materials published on your website. I landed a CJO with Delta! The materials made me very confident and prepared on all my assessments and series of interviews. Purchasing those as a career investment made it all worth it. More power to you and God bless you more for helping hopeful people like us dreaming to get our wings one day."

"Just wanted to let you know that today I got the job offer from United Airlines. Thank you for the book and working on my resume! You enable people to change lives!!!!

"My resume you did is amazing! I got a video interview with three airlines immediately after submitting it. It is something I just could not have done on my own and I thank you so much."

It is official! I am an American Airlines  Flight Attendant. Thank you for your incredible products, personal coaching and always being there to guide me through, I would not be here without you. Purchasing your First Class was the best decision I ever made. Anytime anyone asks me how I did it, I simply say KIKI WARD!!!!"


"I'm emailing to let you know you have been the key to my  success! I tell everyone who wants to fly,  DO THIS, work with Kiki, so you can learn the industry, know what the airlines want, get your resume not only noticed, but raved about by recruiters, and just make those dreams come true. Kiki you have been such a source of inspiration for me from the first time I visited your site, read your bio, and pored over your customer testimonials, and I swore that I would be one some day and now I am! Thank you for getting me ready and preparing me to soar, I love my FA job and I thank you for everything!"


"I wanted to let you know that my year is getting off to an incredible start, I just got the job offer at United Airlines! Thank you so much for all you guys did for me, getting me prepared, teaching me what I needed to learn and helping me find my confidence. I am so happy!"


"I went from literally nowhere to on top of the world thanks to you Kiki. I am truly living my dream. I was so inspired by your website and once I made contact with you and got rolling with your services I was prepared and ready to take the next steps. I had four interview invites within days of applying and submitting the amazing resume you did for me and I am happy to report that I am a brand new Delta Air Lines Flight Attendant. You are such a gift to all of us who want to do this. Thank you and I hope to see you in the skies!"

"Got the CJO! I am overwhelmed with gratitude for your help. Spending the money on your services and products was a leap for me because money is tight. Looking back I realize it was my tuition and a very small price pay for the incredible information and outstanding service you provide. I urged everyone I met at my interview today who was not selected that you need to learn and prepare before venturing into this very competitive process and sent them a link to your site! Thank you so much for helping me to get here!"


"I only had one airline on my mind, Southwest. I'm currently 54 and after being married 32 years and raising kids coming to an end, I reached out to you. I applied, interviewed and received the CJO. I want thank you for your incredible services. You and your team are definitely a first class act. You're encouraging and offer your resources with such grace. I'm elated to start this career. I want people to know what you offer is a blessing to others and how priceless your services are. It's unreal to apply once, to only one airline and receive a CJO. How can life be any more amazing? To have let go of my dream at 20 and to receive it back at 54....my dream come true....Thanks"


'I am blown away by this service, my resume is outstanding, I have no idea how you do this but you have a true gift and I am so glad I found your service. Thank you!"

"I am loving my career at Emirates. Thank you for not only helping me find the opportunity, but for preparing me for the interview, which I would have never been prepared for on my own, it was like nothing I ever experienced! I have visited over 44 countries and have already moved to working Business Class which is a big achievement. I tell people all over the world about you and wanted you to know!"

"I was hired! Thanks to your book and all your support when I had questions. Your book and overviews helped me more than you know.  Everything is right on target and helped me get the job. I was so well prepared when I went to the interview, the book is a must have if you are planning to become a flight attendant. Your information is the best available. I could not have done it without it. Also thank you for giving me my confidence back, I'm over 40 and I did it! Thank you Kiki so very much.  I owe my career to you." 

"I am thankful to you and the team for getting me in the sky. I left college, worked some retail and in a restaurant and was pretty confused about what I would do for a living and I absolutely did not want to work in a cubicle all day. Traveling sounded great, so I searched the internet found your site and boom I was in training at American Airlines just a short time later. I am 23 and have already been so many places, it is such a cool job and I wanted to check in to let you know I love it!"

'Just left the interview, you're the first to know, I GOT IT! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Dreams do come true and mine just did!"

"I am a Flight Attendant, graduated today, wings and everything!  Life long dream come true, uh, check! Seriously, I wasted all of last year applying to airlines and getting nowhere, then I hooked up with you and your incredible services and I'm hired! Appreciation is an understatement. I will continue to tell all aspiring Flight Attendants about the magic of Kiki Ward! Thanks Kiki!"

"I told you when I ordered that I would be sending you a testimonial because I knew you were going to be the magic key to my success, and of course I was right! For everyone, please know, you can have a great background, a lot of great customer service, but unless you present it to airlines in a very specific way, you will get lost in the crowd. Kiki took my life and made me a star on paper and I got hired at Delta. I am forever grateful. I cannot believe how good my resume is and how good my life is as a FLIGHT ATTENDANT! Dreams do come true, but it sometimes takes some help and Kiki IS the key!"

"After leaving an interview for a major airline and not being selected, I was literally crying on the plane ride home. My Flight Attendant was super nice and tried to comfort me. I told him what happened and he immediately told me to go to your website because that is how he got hired. You did my resume, I read and studied your guide (so good!) and got to work with you Kiki, and you are now officially my hero.  I immediately learned everything I did wrong in my past interview, and was prepared and ready and hired on my next interview. Now as a Flight Attendant, I get to help others the way I was helped and lead them to you Kiki! Thanks a million."

"Hey Kiki I got the CJO at Envoy! I cannot believe it! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, my dream is about to begin and I want you to know that your amazing information and support got me here."

Thank you for all that you've done in my process of becoming a flight attendant. Yesterday I interviewed with an airline and got my cjo! The resume/cover letter that you made along with your book helped me tremendously. I'm so grateful. Thank you."

"I got hired by Compass!  Thanks for all your help!  Without your website and your positive coaching, I would have never even known about the Compass opportunity! Your First Class service is well worth the investment!"

"The interview went great at Compass, I really did feel like the most prepared person in the whole room..and I got the offer thanks to you! Everything I purchased from your site was invaluable and you have been a great source of help and inspiration for me, thank you!"

"I am spinning, I have a million different emotions, it is surreal, I GOT HIRED! Thank you Kiki, you not only prepared me and inspired me, but all your words of encouragement made you like a little guardian angel on my shoulder today in my interview, I kept repeating over and over all your advice and did everything you told me, and I got the CJO from American Airlines. Thank for the guide (which I have read everyday since I got it) and my outstanding resume and for believing in me, too. You're the best."

"I just back from my interview! All my recruiters remarked on my resume and each said they loved it! I felt really proud and just thank you for making me a success today. I did get the CJO!" 

"I bought the First Class Service with hopes of learning and getting confidence to try to be a Flight Attendant after not getting hired at airlines. I got so much more! Kiki I feel like you are a friend, you have been so helpful and good to me and have been there every step of the way.  I got the offer at United Airlines today, I am so happy and when people ask me how to become a Flight Attendant and I am so proud to tell them about you."

Hi Kiki! I just got my wings! I looked up at the sky today at a plane going over and thanked you my angel for putting me there and believing in me, You are the best and I am so grateful."

"Many thanks for my career! I love to tell my story, I hope that you post it, I want everyone to know that becoming a Flight Attendant is doable, and Kiki you are A LIFECHANGER! I was 53 and had been a stay at home mom for 19 years when I first emailed you. After you worked your magic, (and made me believe), I got interviews and I was hired at American. I am having the time of my life. You are an answered prayer."

"Where do I begin? I am loving my life as a Flight Attendant! I grew up, went to school and raised my kids in the same town. Since I started flying for American, I have already been to 23 cities in the US and 2 countries in Europe. Yes Kiki, I am counting them and I am like a kid in a candy store. I never knew this was out there and certainly never thought this life would be mine. You have blessed me beyond measure with your services and information. I felt your support behind me from the time I ordered, through the whole process. Thank you so much you have helped me achieve the adventure of a lifetime!"

"Accepted to training! Very happy and beyond excited to live my dream, I appreciate your kindness, advice and great information." 

"To everyone, go to the order page and get this information"! Kiki, put it on your site just like that, please! I am the newest member of the Alaska Airlines team. I have never been through anything like the Flight Attendant interview process and can't imagine doing it unprepared. I felt like a star, totally on, totally prepared and it is you who I thank for that because I would have never, ever been hired without reading your guide, your overview and also the incredible resume was like icing on the cake." 

"Kiki I am emailing you from the airport before I even tell my friends and family the amazing news, I have been selected at American Airlines! My experience went exactly as you said it would in your overview, and I was so prepared from reading your guide. What a day! I can't believe it! Thank you so very much!" 

"Hello Kiki, I just wanted to say thank you for the great book and overview. It really help me prepare for my interview and all the information was exactly correct. I was just hired by American Airlines and I can’t thank you enough. For anyone seeking employment in this industry, I feel your book is a must have! I wish I could do a commercial testimonial for you! But, thank you again for assisting in making my dream come true." 

"YES it is Delta Airlines! Thanks to you, I got the offer today! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, is the only work to describe you, your guide and my spectacular resume. Could not have done it without you."

"First Class Service was hands down the best investment I ever made. Thanks for making this one stop shopping available!! I am in process now with five airlines, (two majors, three regionals) and would not be fielding offers if not for your incredible resources and advice. I am a long time "cubicle" dweller on the cusp of living my lifelong dream. You told me I could do it, and with your help I did. Thank you so much."

"Kiki everything the First Class Service is great and the total key to my success. I got the flight attendant job with Southwest Airlines!! I am very grateful to you because you helped me change my life and also follow a dream."

"Kiki., I'm a believer, you took my work history which I thought was in no way good enough and you made me a competitor, within a week I had video interviews at Alaska and Delta and and invitations from two other airlines. You are a very talented person, I feel blessed to have found you and your First Class Service."

"I got it! never in my wildest dreams did I think the hardest part would be choosing my airline. Everybody know this, I am 54 years old and I am about to LIVE my DREAMS! Kiki you are my angel sent from heaven. Thank you!"

"I made it at Alaska. Thanks Kiki I felt so prepared and just as you said I would, I did great. I almost felt bad for people who were so ill prepared, I just knew what to say to every question thanks to you and I got a huge compliment on my outfit and my resume. Thank you always being there to help me whenever I needed you."

"Greetings Kiki! I wanted to let you know that I am an official Endeavor Airlines Flight Attendant and it is hands down, BEST. JOB. EVER. I made it here because of you and I am telling everyone I meet who wants to be a FA that you are the person to make their dreams a reality. Hope to see you in an airport someday!"

"You are a life saver! I have been at my regional carrier for my whole career, and so starting over was a challenge. You have exceeded my expectations, while also being kind enough to re-introduce me to the FA application/resume process which has changed so much since I last applied. You are a God send. I already have two airline video interviews lined up and an invite to a F2F, all after submitting my brand new resume. I have heard Flight Attendants and others in the industry  talk about you and your incredible services for years and am so glad I took advantage of working with you. Thanks so much for your writing skill, talent, compassion and outstanding care and service."

"I love my new resume Kiki! You did such an amazing job, best money I ever spent, really an investment in me and my future as a Flight Attendant. I got an offer last night from a regional and today an offer from American, so I am about to live my dream all thanks to you and the resume you created opening these doors for me. Thank you for offering this very helpful service for all of us Flight Attendants wannabees!"

"I was getting some limited success under my own power, but things didn't really start happening for me until I read your book and asked you to help me with my resume. From that moment it was full thrust, throttles forward for me and my goal was to become a professional Flight Attendant. Even though I have never met you, you have been a huge part of my life path that I have chosen to follow. You have been there EVERY step of the way and you NEVER fail to have great advice and overall support. I can't thank you enough! My new career with SkyWest would not be happening without you, I just smile the widest smile when I see I have an email from you. Thank you Kiki with everything that I have in me for helping me to realize my dream that I have wondered about for so many years. You are true inspiration."

"Guess who is a Delta Flight Attendant? ME!!! WOO HOO!!!!! Thank you Kiki, you made the difference in moving me into this new place in my life and you are a dear for always reading my emails and answering my crazy questions. Owe it all to you!"

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