The best selling, most trusted resource on becoming a Flight Attendant for over 20 years!  Written by American Airlines Flight Attendant and Flight Attendant hiring expert, Kiki Ward. A powerful resource to educate, inform and inspire you so that you stand out in the highly competitive airline application and interview process.

  • Our best selling Flight Attendant career guide teaches you what everything you need to know to be successful in your airline interview including detailed, airline approved guidelines.

  • An insiders look at the Flight Attendant career income, perks, travel benefits, scheduling and much more. A sample trip and a typical Flight Attendant work day is included.  

  • Over 90 common airline interview questions with the answers your recruiter wants to hear! 

  • Detailed insider tips on exactly how to dress for your airline interview, how to make the right impression, plus what not to do. Also, key information to enhance you interview performance.

  • Instruction on completing your airline application along with essential tips and guidelines.

  • Information on how to succeed on interview tests. Worldwide city codes and the 24 hour clock are included, so you can begin studying what you need to know.  

  • Overview of role play and group activities you will participate in at your airline interview with guidance on how you can impress your recruiter and shine.

  • Airline/crewmember glossary of terms so you can understand and speak like an airline insider.

  • What to expect during Flight Attendant training and how to succeed from the day you arrive until you earn your wings!


The Essential Guide To Becoming A Flight Attendant

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