We know there is a lot to learn about beginning your Flight Attendant career and are always here to assist customers and site visitors with the correct information, support and guidance. We have posted many of the most frequently asked questions we receive about becoming a Flight Attendant, but if you have one you don't see here send us an email. We look forward to assisting!

What are the requirements to be a Flight Attendant?

The Flight Attendant job requirements are very basic. These usually include: 
Height- The height requirements are different at every airline and are listed in the FA job post that each airline runs at time of hiring. Many airlines do not list height requirements but instead require that you be able to reach to a specified vertical height.  
Weight- There are no weight standards or height to weight ratios at U.S. airlines.
Education- A high school diploma or GED is required.
Vision- Airlines have corrected vision requirements and glasses/contacts are allowed.
Background Check- You must be able to pass a background check, fingerprint and drug screening.
Appearance- Flight Attendants are ordinary looking people doing an extraordinary job, you only need to be well groomed and neat in appearance.

Do I need to attend a school or complete a training program before I can apply? 

No! The only educational requirement for the commercial airline Flight Attendant position in the U.S. is a high school diploma or equivalent. No previous training is required or expected.  Be very wary of anyone who offers to "train" you to be a Flight Attendant as no outside "training" is accepted by airlines. Once you are selected from your airline interview, your airline will send you to training you in their own specific training program at their facility. This training cannot be duplicated elsewhere. You must pass your airline training program to earn your wings.

Do I need previous airline experience to apply?

No. Airlines do not require any previous experience in the airline industry or as a Flight Attendant.

I want to be a Flight Attendant! Where do I start?

Getting started is as simple as meeting the basic requirements of the airline you are applying to, preparing and applying. Most airlines accept applications and resumes online. Once your application and resume are reviewed, if you are selected the airline will invite you to complete a video or phone interview and if you progress from there, they will invite you to a face to face interview.  Some airlines hold open interview sessions in scheduled locations. Current airline hiring information is available here on our site, Next, view our other Flight Attendant career preparation products and services, including our Airline Resume Service, First Class Service and Airline Interview Guides.

You helped me get my current job as a Flight Attendant and now I want to apply to a different airline, can you help?

Yes! Many of our clients are already Flight Attendants who are seeking to change airlines or are former Flight Attendants who want to go back to flying.  We can definitely assist with our products and services and update your resume for applying again.  The Essential Guide to Becoming a Flight Attendant and our airline interview guides are great refreshers on the things you need to know even if you have flying experience.

Will airlines fly me to the interview?

Most airlines who invite you to an interview will also provide you with free air travel to and from the interview site. Airlines that conduct open session interviews and recruitment events do not provide transportation. Some airlines will invite you to interview, but not offer transportation. It is important to review those aspects of the process at the time of application.

Why should I buy your information or use your services?

My life changed in all the best ways after being hired as a Flight Attendant. I never forgot what an extraordinary gift it was to fly all over the world with really fun co-workers and be exposed to so much opportunity, plus be paid! I decided early on in my career to try and help others do the same after realizing that so many people had huge misconceptions about how to get hired and the airline industry was lacking a dependable, trustworthy resource for people who really wanted a chance at the career. Since we began in 1997 we have helped thousands of our customers leave a less than exciting work life for an office with a view and allowed others to fulfill a life long dream.  We strive to offer the best resources and our clients are our success stories.

I see other sites offering very similar information to yours,

Please be aware that we have imitators online, they come and go, but we are genuine and we are the original. We have have been a trusted provider of Flight Attendant career preparation services for over 20 years and are proud of our stellar success record.  PLEASE be careful as we have been notified of sites that actually copy our information and services.  With us, you can be sure you are ordering from a trusted online merchant and working with Flight Attendant career professionals who can offer you genuine support and assistance in achieving your Flight Attendant career goals.

What is the airline resume preparation service?
We know the inside track to airline recruiting and we know that airline interviews are like no other. So you cannot have a generic resume and stand out.  When you interview at an airline your resume is reviewed many times, the two most crucial times being once before the interview and once as part of the decision making process prior to offering you the job. Basically, your resume becomes the document that represents you to the airline when you are not there in person. A properly written resume filled with the attention getting information and the key words we know the recruiters want to see is what will make your resume stand out. We are able to make your skills, work history, and current and past job duties relatable to the Flight Attendant career.

Since the airline I want to apply to is not hiring, should I worry about getting my resume done now?
When airlines post Flight Attendant openings and begin accepting resumes it is often literally overnight. You must be able to quickly jump on the opportunity and be ready to submit your resume because hiring stays open for a limited time at most airlines. Having your completed airline ready resume to submit is an important part of being prepared.

How long will it take to receive my airline resume once I place my order?

Your completed resume and cover letter will be emailed to you upon completion within 2 to 5 business days.

What can I expect in my Flight Attendant interview?

The Flight Attendant interview will be a busy day! As with most job interviews, it requires that you  be professionally dressed, personable and positive throughout the interview. However, there many more applicants competing for every one Flight Attendant job and this is why your preparation and our guide and services are so helpful. Airlines can be highly selective with so many applicants. What sets an airline interview apart from other job interviews is that you will be assessed in areas of personal presentation, customer service work history, your abilities to interact with others, your understanding of customer service, and your overall personality. We teach you to be the applicant that airlines look for. You will usually participate in a group exercise, to let the airline see how you work with others on a task. You will always be asked questions, you will usually be asked to introduce yourself to the group, you may read an in-flight announcement aloud or be asked to take a test surveying your comprehension skills. You'll also receive an overview of the company and the career from a representative of the airline. Usually the interview will last at least several hours. The length is again, part of the process to see how you hold up through a long day both in terms of personality and professionalism, just as you will need to as a working Flight Attendant.

What kinds of questions will they ask me at my interview?

The primary focus of the questions will be to evaluate how well you understand customer service, workplace and customer safety, teamwork, adaptability and how well you handle challenging situations and maintain a diverse and inclusive customer environment. Other questions include your ability to comply with policy and procedure and your personal responsibility and dependability, most will be in the "tell me about a time when..." and behavioral format. The Essential Guide to Becoming a Flight Attendant contains common airline questions, over 90 of them, with answers. You  need to be prepared to be ready to give the recruiter the answer they are looking for because there are right and wrong ways to answer.

Am I too old to be hired as a Flight Attendant?

There is no maximum age requirement in place at U.S. airlines, you are never too old to begin applying for a Flight Attendant position.

How old do you have to be to apply for the Flight Attendant job?

All airlines have a minimum age requirement, usually between the ages of 18 and 21 years old. The requirement depends on the airline.

I am ready to start! What are my next steps?

First, think about which of our products and services will be of the most assistance to you and place your order. You need to have your resume ready at the time you apply and you should definitely be educated about the airline process and the FA career prior to applying and our best selling guide (The Essential Guide to Becoming a Flight Attendant) is a great place to begin. Monitor our Flight Attendant Jobs page to stay up to date on where and when to apply and lastly, begin to get your personal life in order and things organized, sometimes the airline hiring process happens very quickly and you are off on the adventure of a lifetime in a very short time.

Can you guarantee I'll get selected?

It is very important to note that no one can guarantee your selection and employment with an airline. Airlines evaluate each applicant individually based on a variety of skills, personality traits, background and work history.  Our goal is to educate you, prepare you and mentor you to be the most competitive applicant you can be. Once in process with an airline, you as the applicant must be able to perform and present successfully in your interviews as well as your pre-interview assessments that get you invited to airline interviews.   

I was selected but I am worried about passing training at my airline. How can I prepare?
Once conditionally selected from your interview, you must then successfully pass a safety and security sensitive training program with your airline. You will learn and demonstrate proficiency in the skills to save lives, maintain a safe and comfortable passenger environment and also provide outstanding customer service. Be committed to the material and treat each day as if you were still under evaluation, because you are. Remember, you were selected from many applicants so your airline wants you to succeed but you will be held to a high academic and conduct standard while in training.  You can only view/learn what your airline sends you to learn prior to attending training and the rest of the program will be taught in a very specific order once you arrive at training.

I don't want to relocate, can I still apply?

 A huge number of Flight Attendants at every airline commute to their base and live where they want. You can commute on your travel benefits and can even utilize your airline benefits on other airlines to commute, so it is very common to not live at your assigned base.

What is an open session or open house interview?

An open hiring sessions allows applicants in to simply show up and be interviewed (some airlines require you to apply first to be invited to the open session.)  The airlines that conduct these sessions do not provide transportation to the site so is an investment on the applicants part. It can be a great way to go and instantly interview without applying and waiting to be called and set up for an interview.

Will I need a passport in order to begin applying?

Not every airline will require that you already have a passport when you apply, but many airlines do require you to already have a valid passport prior to applying or prior to attending the airline training program. And, you will be definitely be required to have one as a Flight Attendant. If you do not have a passport you should immediately begin the process of applying for one. 

Do Flight Attendants really get to travel on time off for free?

Most travel costs the airline employee nothing. The incredible travel privileges also extend to the Flight Attendant, spouse, partners, dependent children, parents, extended family members and friends,  Also, once you become a Flight Attendant you become eligible for travel on other airlines and you will receive discounts on tickets on nearly every airline in the world, as well as cruise lines, resorts and hotels. It is truly the "hidden paycheck" in the airline business.

What is the Flight Attendant schedule like?

Normally Flight Attendants are scheduled to work about 9 to 20 days a month dependent on their airline and seniority. Flight Attendants do not work a standard 8 to 5 work week. You will normally work a trip, immediately followed by days off. It is important to note that FA's work all kinds of trips, 2day, 3day, 4day, or even turnarounds so your schedule will vary. Many utilize the time off by beginning second businesses, taking advantage of the travel benefits or spending time with their families, making it among the most flexible jobs in the world. 


Does the airline pay for Flight Attendant hotel accommodations on layovers?

Yes. The airline pays for a hotel room for each crew member as well as arranging company paid transportation to and from the hotel. Each trip can be like a mini vacation!

What kind of income do Flight Attendants make?

Flight Attendant income varies from airline to airline. Most airlines have in place a monthly guarantee which ranges between 65-80 flight hours. The Flight Attendant is paid the monthly guarantee whether he/she actually works those hours or not.  Actual pay per hour is dependent upon years of service and any special qualifications the Flight Attendant may have on board the aircraft, (such as speaking a foreign language.)  Flight Attendants also receive per diem for each hour spent away from home to cover meals and other expenses. With each year of service also comes an increase in pay. In addition, Flight Attendants can trade/swap, drop or pick up trips to fly more or less time each month or increase pay.

Tattoos and arrests, can I fly?

Tattoos that would be not visible while wearing your Flight Attendant uniform are usually allowable. Check the requirements of the airline you are applying to, most have very specific tattoo related requirements. The impact of a prior arrest/conviction is dependent on the type of arrest or conviction and most airlines will address that during the initial application phase.

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