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Flight Attendant Career Resume Service  

Is your resume "Airline Ready?" 

The Flight Attendant Career demands a competitive resume as the Flight Attendant Career is one of the most sought after jobs in aviation.  Our exclusive airline resume service transforms your existing resume or work history into an airline approved resume,  and allows you to present the resume that airline recruiters look for. Your resume should "tell your story" and we know how to make it interesting, competitive and airline ready.  

Kiki Ward is very well known in the airline industry and her connections to airline recruiters and human resource departments will give your resume the attention and priority level it deserves. It is your resume that gets you in the door to interview with an airline, and the last thing the recruiting team reviews prior to offering you the job, so it is important that your resume be competitive!

"It is a fact that airlines discard more resumes than they accept for interviews!  Recruiters tell us they spend (or the computer spends) about 20 seconds scanning a resume looking for very specific content and key words among your work history. We provide that content in your resume and give you the competitive edge in the screening process.  " -Kiki Ward

Kiki Ward will  personally review and edit your work history into the format that appeals to resume scanners at airlines. Your resume is your first step in selling yourself as an applicant to an airline. You must have a competitive resume to get the interview and the job.

Once your resume is received you will be contacted via email to discuss any needed  information regarding your resume and to confirm receipt. Then, your resume information will be expertly re-created and reformatted to appeal to airlines.   

Here's how it works!

You simply place your order and then email or fax (817-442-1676) your current resume or resume information to us. (If you are not sure what you should send, we do send you a confirmation email detailing exactly what we need after your order is received.)   

We do the rest! www.flightattendantcareer.com is the only hiring site recognized by airlines and due to that trust and recognition, we have access to information from recruiters worldwide. Your resume will be formatted and filled with the information airlines look for and we will best portray you and your work history so that you stand out and appeal to airline recruiters..

Resume FAQ'S

What is the cost of the service?
The cost is $99.00 (US) This includes personal review of your current information and creation of a new, airline ready resume (with key code words added for parsing and airline scanning) as well as a professional cover letter. 

Does it include a cover letter?
Yes! A professional cover letter, highlighting your experience and skills is included.

How long will it take to receive my resume?
Your completed resume will be emailed to you upon completion within 2 to 5 business days, depending on volume.

We also offer expedited, priority service for an additional $25.00 charge. We can complete your resume in one business day if you need to be ready for an immediate interview. Please note: We are only able to accommodate a limited number of EXPEDITED resumes each day, so please email us as soon as you order so that we may accommodate you for this service. The charge can be placed directly on the card you ordered with at the completion of your resume.

What makes this resume preparation an essential service?
We know the inside track to airline recruiting and we know that airline interviews are like no other. So, you cannot have a generic resume and stand out.  When you interview at an airline, your resume is normally reviewed many times, the two most crucial times being once before the interview and once as part of the decision making process prior to offering you the job. Basically, your resume becomes the document that represents you to the airline when you are not there in person. A properly written resume filled with the attention getting information and the key words we know the recruiters want to see is what will make your resume stand out. We spend time on your resume, we do research and we have dialogue with you when we need information to make sure we understand you and your job(s) so we can portray you to the airlines in the best possible way. You will be amazed at how good we can make any job you have held look to a recruiter and demonstrate through the written word your skills and abilities and most importantly, make your job duties relatable to the Flight Attendant Career.

We are committed to returning to you the very best, airline ready resume so that you can be a competitive applicant. This is the best investment in your career that you will ever make.

I have seen others who offer airline resumes, what makes your different?
We created the airline resume format and were the very first to offer it. Since its inception, we have been privileged to earn the trust of thousands of clients and our airlines.  Of course we have imitators, they come and go. We simply advise you to be careful anytime you see someone imitate a one of a kind service and never underestimate the importance of having it done right.

Since the airline I want to apply to is not hiring, should I worry about getting my resume done now?
Yes, and here's why. When airlines post an open house or begin accepting resumes,  it is often literally overnight, with little or no warning. You must be able to quickly jump on the opportunity, submit your resume and be ready to interview. Remember, there is a 2 to 5 day turnaround time on the resume service and we can only accept limited expedited requests per day, so it is important that you be ready to go when we post a new hiring opportunity.

How soon after ordering will I be contacted?
You will be contacted as soon as we receive your order. It is imperative that you include a valid email address on your order form. 

Is my information private?
Yes. We take your privacy very seriously. All incoming resume information is reviewed only by Kiki Ward and is properly deleted once we send out your completed resume.  

What if I get a new job, can you add it to my resume once the resume is completed?
Yes! We offer updates and revisions to your resume for one calendar year from the date of completion. Since usually requires a re-format of your resume, there is a $25.00 charge per revision/new job addition. Please link to order and then send us an email containing all updates or changes you wish to have added to your resume.

Order the Resume Service below or link to our main order page

Resume Service

After submitting your order,  please email or fax your resume information to us. We accept most attachments or you may simply cut and paste your resume into the email.  We will build and format your resume into Microsoft Word, and we also offer Apple Pages for Mac users. If you are unsure of what to send, you will receive a confirmation from us after ordering, with complete details of what we need in order to create your airline ready resume.


"Where do I begin? I am loving my life as a Flight Attendant! I grew up, went to school and raised my kids in the same town. Since I started flying for American, I have already been to 23 cities in the US and 2 countries in Europe. Yes Kiki, I am counting them and I am like a kid in a candy store. I never knew this was out there and certainly never thought this life would be mine. You have blessed me beyond measure with your services and information and you truly have a servants heart. I felt your support behind me from the time I ordered, through the whole process. Thank you so much you have helped me achieve the adventure of a lifetime!" Nancy, FL

"I am dumbfounded. My resume is unreal. I am so intrigued and impressed with how you were able to attribute what I know to be Flight Attendant skills right into my work history and it all makes sense, it is out of this world. I am feeling really proud. You are so organized and efficient and this service you offer is truly sensational. I emailed my whole family my new resume and all I'm getting is amazing reviews. Appreciate it. Best money I've spent." Garrett, TX

"I was knocked out by my own resume after you performed your magic on it! I really did not think I had a good work background, but you made me look great! Thanks a million! PS! I have two interviews scheduled due to my resume being so good! Thank you. Caryn, 

"Your resume got me the job at a fantastic regional airline and I loved it there, but I had the biggest desire to fly international, so after you revised my resume for me, (by the way, again, it was superb), I am now at a major airline, loving it, flying London and Paris and a bunch of other great cities, it's like a whole new world Kiki! Crazy fun and thanks for all you do. That's two FA jobs you got me!" Taylor

"Thanks for your prompt, personal service. My resume looks great." Brad, VA

"Kiki I LOVE you, please put this on your site, I'm going to look for it! I was traveling to to my best girlfriend's wedding in New Jersey, I start talking to the Flight Attendants on my plane, tell them how I wish I had done something like their job, how bored I was in my job,  and one of the FA's starts to tell me about your site, and the other two are like, oh yes, you need to go to Kiki's site! As soon as we land I am on it on my phone and ordering from your site. I had my new (amazing) resume back from you in a couple of days, and off I went!  Well, I just completed training with United Airlines and you are the reason! Sometimes I can't even believe it. Thanks sweetie!" Pam, CO

Hi Kiki, I had to write you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your assistance. I have been applying to airlines for two straight years, and I could not ever get an interview. I ordered your resume service, and I could not believe the response to my "new" resume! Thank you! I have been selected and invited to training at the end of August. I would not be here without your help. You are a blessing to all of us who want to be flight attendants." Dina, OH

"It is astounding what you did with words on paper. My resume is awesome. Thank you."
Karen, MI

Um, WOW! I don't know how you took my life and my work, and made me seem so awesome, but thank you! I love it, I am so proud to submit it! You are a gifted writer! I absolutely cannot wait to be a Flight Attendant." Keisha, NY

"I actually read my resume and wondered who this amazing person was. LOL. You did a fantastic job and I have no less than three video interviews lined up, less than 3 days after submitting it online. Thank you!" Emory, LA

"Your resume service is amazing. I love my new resume, you were able to make me look on paper they way I want others to see me, and I am so proud to submit this resume! Thanks a million." Jeffrey, FL

"I went into my interview and the first thing my recruiter said when I got to the one on one is "I have been dying to meet the person that belongs to this resume" as she is holding it up. I just felt really proud. I know you got me in there Kiki and with your book and my new resume, you also got me the job. You are a friend for life!" Tim, MN

"Kiki you have changed my life. I ordered your resume service after realizing my current resume was just not doing it, and wow, you made me look so good, I could not even believe it when I was reading it. So.... I got hired at United and I love my new life! I thank you from the bottom of my heart!" Devon, CA

"Absolutely the best money I have ever spent! I applied to just about every airline with my old resume and heard nothing. I submitted the resume you just completed for me and I am going for interviews at four airlines in the coming weeks. I'm a believer!" Gloria

"Kiki thanks for the fast service and the amazing resume, you make me look so good!  As you may remember, I raised my daughters, was the devoted mom and loved it all, but I have waited my entire life to become a Flight Attendant and with your help, I am flying for Express Jet. I tell everyone I meet that you changed my life with these simple words..'it is never too late" and it really isn't, you reassured me that I still have a lot to offer.  I am having so much fun in this new chapter of my life, and I firmly believe I owe it all to you." Marcia, OH

"Kiki, we are thrilled that you have begun the resume service. It's about time! We look forward to even better prepared applicants now and with all of your resources we know you'll continue to send them to us."
name withheld, flight attendant recruiter, USA

"Oh my gosh Kiki, this is more than I ever expected. I can't believe how good my resume is! Thank you! Thank you!" Donna, CA

"You brought it girlfriend! I am hired at Mesa! I am so grateful to you and your service!" Debbie, NJ

"You have to put me on your site because you know that I am your biggest fan Kiki. I want to tell my story. I had been unhappy in my job for as long as I can remember. I didn't have money to go to school and get a better job so I was basically at a dead end. One night I found your website and I knew this was it. I want to be on your site so that I can tell everyone that I emailed you like a zillion times without buying anything and you were so sweet and always answered my emails and you gave me hope and encouragement. Okay fast forward. I spend the money for the resume service and the guide, and that's a lot of money for me. What happens next is the miracle. I get your book in two days, and after I read it, I just knew for sure this was for me and I was ready to go for it, then I receive my incredible resume in my inbox and I'm reading thinking, yeah...that's me..that's what I wish people could see in me. I go right over to your hiring page and submit to any airline that is hiring. now the end...I AM now a Flight Attendant and I'm emailing you this from a layover in Miami, the beach right outside, having a blast, all my dreams a reality. I love this job. I love being this person. And, my goal is to be your ambassador and tell everyone YOU CAN DO THIS!  Kiki, you had my back, you told me I could and now I have. God bless you for all the hard work you do that gives others like me WINGS!!!" Your #1 Fan-Flight Attendant Anita

"You did a tremendous job and so quickly. I have submitted to three airlines since you emailed me my resume and heard back immediately from two and the third emailed today. It is all happening so fast, and you are right that a great resume open doors." Char, NY

'It is like a magic fix! I read my old resume compared to the one you did, and it was so boring! I was invited to interview at Skywest, Jetblue and United, the week after you did my resume and I began submitting it. I was invited to training at all three airlines. Two of my recruiters told me that my resume was one of the best they had seen. Your book, the overviews and the resume service were the best investments I ever made. Thank you Kiki!"
R. M. Utah

"Kiki I was hired! My recruiter told me that my resume had (and I quote...) "wow factor!" I am so happy. Thank you for all you do for those of us who desperately want this career. You are a life saver! " Amy, Texas 

"Thanks for the prompt service on my resume. It sounds so much more professional. I showed it to my friends and family and they were so impressed with me! I am sending it out with pride!"
Isla, OH

"Wow! Thank you Kiki! I visited your site, saw the resume service, and figured I'd give it a try. I have not been able to get an airline interview in the past six months I have been applying. Well, AMAZINGLY...once you re-did my resume, the phone started ringing! I have two interviews next week, it is like a dream come true. Thank you!" Jennifer, Boise, ID

"Thanks for the changes you made to my resume, I would have never thought of them, and I feel so ready now and finally armed with a professional resume. I am on my way!" Tony, CA

"I spent days trying to put together my resume in such a way that it would be irresistible and interesting to the one airline I'm applying to, well, it didn't quite work out that way.  With only two days left to apply for the position, I found Kiki's service and felt an immediate sense of relief after reading so many of the testimonials on her site!  Let me tell you,  this is the best money I've ever spent, EVER. I was amazed at how Kiki made me come to life in my resume.  I was dancing around in my kitchen after I read it!  My husband was just as flabbergasted by its professional tone in describing me and my total commitment to a safe and enjoyable in-flight experience for my passengers, my work ethic and my love of the job! I am an ex-flight attendant of a major US carrier and want to return to work after spending time raising my boys and Kiki didn't hesitate in including that in my resume.  
I have what it takes to work again, but couldn't seem to convey that in my own attempt at writing a new resume.  I am eternally grateful to Kiki and her resume writing skills because she gives me hope! Her
work far exceeded my expectations, it literally BLEW ME AWAY!   
Forget that facial this month girls, use your money wisely, make this investment in your future and get that interview you want. 
If you want an INCREDIBLE resume, one that works getting your foot in the door, look no further! Kiki, thank you very much, 
once again, for your incredible work, I simply could not have done this on my own!  
This is one VERY happy customer,
kudos to you!" Jelene

   Your resume is your first step in selling yourself as an applicant to an airline. You must have a competitive resume to get the interview!

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