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Kiki's flight attendant career photo page

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bump.jpg (361163 bytes)
Having fun prior to


DC10slide.jpg (319739 bytes)
Jumping out of a simulator during flight attendant training!
catering.jpg (431172 bytes)
Checking  catering  prior to departure for Sydney!
grad.jpg (273510 bytes)
Waiting for an airplane!
me and JT.jpg (192897 bytes)
Accompanying John Travolta on a museum tour
graduation86.jpg (37779 bytes)
My 1986 American Airlines graduation portrait.
halloween.jpg (395046 bytes)
Having fun aboard the airplane on Halloween.
jumpseat.jpg (288375 bytes)
On the 727 jump seat!
jumpseat_2.jpg (313877 bytes)
Taking a quick break between flights!
kiki 2000.jpg (33557 bytes)
Backstage at a recent Flight Attendant graduation.
sim.jpg (325884 bytes)
Practicing on a simulator
during initial training.


sit time.jpg (386557 bytes)
On the airplane with my
pilot husband.
wino.jpg (287334 bytes)
Opening a stubborn bottle of wine enroute to Europe
on the DC 10.
worktrip.jpg (273159 bytes)
Preparing to depart on my very first trip with my training classmates.
customs.jpg (340707 bytes)
Waiting to clear customs at DFW.
xmasHNL.jpg (131457 bytes)
The holidays in Hawaii!
fa mom.jpg (165899 bytes)
Flight attendant mom.

wingpin_03.JPG (59030 bytes)
With one of my readers at his AA graduation!
wingpin_04.JPG (64701 bytes)
A recent AA graduation! What a show!
wingpin_2.JPG (66004 bytes)
Congratulating one of my readers onstage at his AA graduation!