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"We regularly attend the same interviews you attend, and we are offered complete access to hiring information. We are often hired to create interview curriculum for airlines as well as offer our feedback on individual airline interview processes. We offer you inside information that simply cannot be found elsewhere.."


I have enjoyed a long and exciting career as a Flight Attendant for American Airlines, a career full of unlimited opportunities and a privileged lifestyle, getting paid to travel! Now, you can have access to the inside information that has successfully secured Flight Attendant careers for thousands of my ! 

"The Essential Guide To Becoming A Flight Attendant" is the definitive source on the Flight Attendant career and the entire application, interviewing and hiring process, plus you'll learn about all of the good things that come with having a great job.

I was hired as a Flight Attendant by American Airlines in 1986. My bases have included: Dallas, Chicago, and Honolulu. I have flown as a domestic Flight Attendant to destinations all over the United States, Canada and Mexico and also worked as an international Flight Attendant to destinations including Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

During my career I've been awarded the "Professional Flight Attendant Award", been selected to work aboard charters for major league sports teams and have represented American Airlines at celebrity and charity events all over the world. I also served as part of a team of AA Flight Attendants showcasing the complete history of AA Flight Attendant uniforms at corporate events and fundraisers.

I have served as a Flight Attendant consultant on motion picture and television productions and have participated in numerous Flight Attendant focus and design groups for airlines worldwide as well as appearing at aviation "Career Day" events. I have also appeared in major media and airline publications as well as serving as a Flight Attendant career mentor and developing interview curriculum for airlines.

We regularly attend the same interviews you attend, and we are allowed insider access to hiring information. We are often hired to create interview curriculum for airlines as well as offer our feedback on individual airline interview processes. We offer you inside information that simply cannot be found elsewhere.

Since our inception in 1997, we have helped thousands leave a less than exciting work life for an office with a view and allowed others to simply fulfill a life long dream. We are the best selling flight attendant hiring guide available and we are trusted and recognized by airlines around the world as THE source on the Flight Attendant career.

With incredible inside information, I offer the best resource available on getting hired as a Flight Attendant. My clients are success stories, and I look forward to helping you achieve your dream of becoming a Flight Attendant!

A world of opportunity was opened up to me the day I was hired as a Flight Attendant and it can be the same for you!  kiki@flightattendantcareer.com




" Credit the love of travel, the prestige of the uniform or the promise of a lucrative career, whatever the motivation, the lure of flying draws flight attendants to an industry that many are reluctant to ever leave."

 Excerpt, The Fort Worth Star Telegram  

"It has always been a goal of mine to help others achieve their dream of becoming a flight attendant, I wrote this guide with that in mind."

-Kiki Ward

"Kiki is a true Flight Attendant with the wit, intelligence and personality to have risen to the top at American Airlines. She has also written what is by all standards the best flight attendant hiring guide in the world. She has had readers hired at every airline worldwide and continues to bring applicants together with airlines at an astonishing success rate. Airlines look to her to send in applicants who after reading her book are prepared and ready to interview for what continues to be one of the most prestigious careers in aviation." 

Excerpt, Flight Career News.






Excerpts from an interview with Kiki with an airline industry magazine.

Question: Kiki, we are thrilled to have you with us here today.

Kiki: Thanks for having me.

Question: You have created the most successful flight attendant career guide in the world. What is the story behind it?

Kiki: Thank you. We are the best selling, most trusted and recognized flight attendant career guide available, both at our own website and at amazon.com. We work very hard to provide the very best customer service and the very best products all at an affordable price. I am a small town girl with a love of people and travel, that is what attracted me to the flight attendant career. Believe me, I really thought it was an impossibility, but I was hired at American Airlines and once I was hired, it seemed the whole world opened up, and there were just unlimited opportunities. It was always my goal to somehow share my own success with others. I have always answered questions while working about how to get hired, so I decided to simply write a great resource so everyone could share in this dream. With the input and cooperation of airlines and airline recruiters, it has evolved into the best selling, most trusted flight attendant hiring guide in the world.

Question: I read the guide, it is incredible. As an airline employee, I am amazed at how much you share, and I even felt inspired to apply to be a flight attendant. How did you get so much information?

Kiki: Thanks! I appreciate the compliment. I was hired many years ago, way back in 1986! So, I have been in the airline world for a long time. I simply started talking with airline representatives and was thrilled when airlines from around the world began submitting information for me to use. It was really incredible, and I think it is what sets my guide apart. It is a genuine product, we have an ongoing dialogue with airlines, and we stay on top of the hiring in the industry. Airlines come to us now to be included on our site and in my guide and that is a great achievement.

Question: Flight attending just never loses its appeal does it?

Kiki: No, it absolutely remains as popular a career choice as ever. There are always references to it in television, movies and print, and just about anyone you talk to has at one time entertained the idea or dreamed of becoming a flight attendant. It is still a prestigious career, and there will always be a high level of interest in it. 

Question: You offer support to your readers after the sale, you must spend a lot of time online.

Kiki: I do! We answer every single email, because I want my readers to get the right information direct from me. I answer emails throughout the day, everyday, no matter where I might be.  My readers matter to me, and their individual success is of the utmost importance to me. Plus, I think it enhances our products to know that we are real, I am here to answer emails and assist people and we are not just some anonymous company, plus I get the benefit of actually getting to know my readers in a way, so it is really wonderful.

Question: What is the best advice you would give to a prospective applicant?

Kiki: Well, first, to never give up on your dream. I think there is a place in the airline industry for just about everyone regardless of your background, I am living proof!  And, you are never too old to live your dream, so age is not a factor. Next, preparation is essential. My guide is the premier resource on the career, and I think it offers the very best information available. Also, be careful about other products offered out there concerning the career. It is important to note that no one can train you or certify you as a flight attendant, only the airline that hires you, and no can submit your application or resume for you, it is very simple to do on your own. There are many sites that offer untruthful information, and I feel bad for people who email us after spending a lot of time and money on those sites with no results. Lastly, maintain a positive attitude throughout the process, it is so important to your success.

Question: What do you think is the future of airline hiring?

Kiki: I think it is very positive. There are many opportunities out there. We are seeing major  airlines hiring and the regionals are continuing to expand and grow, it is a great time to apply.

Question: In addition to The Essential Guide To Becoming A Flight Attendant, you offer interview overviews and a free hiring page. Tell me about those.

Kiki: The interview overviews are incredible. It is like getting the script from your specific airline interview before you go. They are simply a resource that until we began offering them were unheard of. I am so proud of being able to exclusively offer them. Our free hiring page is all the buzz in the industry. Airlines love it. It is a great resource to bookmark and just check out once a week and see who is hiring and when. We think all of our products combined with the free hiring page offers tremendous one stop, secure shopping and the best preparation for the flight attendant career.

Question: You have had an amazing career at American. what has been your favorite part?

Kiki: I have loved everything I have been able to do at American. All the exciting special assignments I've been on and all of the incredible opportunities have been such a great addition to my career and of course, I have been privileged to be able to travel the world. But, I have to say that just being on the airplane working with passengers and  crewmembers is the best part. There is a lot of laughing and fun and it just makes it a great job.

Question: Would you say that most of your readers are hired at airlines?

Kiki: I would definitely say that. We have readers hired every day at airlines and we receive reader testimonials every day. We also get lots of email from recruiters that hire our readers. We are known and recognized in the industry and that makes us credible, something we have worked very hard to attain and to maintain and are quite proud of.

Question: So, flightattendantcareer.com is the place to go for the ultimate flight attendant career information?

Kiki: Absolutely!  We are often copied, but never, ever duplicated. Come and prepare for departure!


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