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The most trusted, up to date, informative,  Flight Attendant hiring guide available!






The best selling, most trusted, informative and up to date Flight Attendant hiring information available...anywhere!


We proudly offer the only airline recognized Flight Attendant Career hiring guide, The Essential Guide to Becoming A Flight Attendant" This 145 page Flight Attendant Career guide written by American Airlines Flight Attendant and Flight Attendant Career Consultant, Kiki Ward is literally packed with insider information about the Flight Attendant career, application tips and guidelines, interview questions and how to answer them and what you need to know to be successful in Flight Attendant training after you are selected.

If you are ready to begin your Flight Attendant Career, it's all here. We have clients hired at airlines everyday. They are absolutely loving their new careers, marveling at their new lifestyle and  
wondering why they did not do it sooner.  
Let us help you make 2015 the year you change your life and begin a fun and exciting Flight Attendant career. 

Our guide is contributed to and recognized by airlines, so you can be confident that the information you receive is accurate.  We have built a solid relationship with the people who do the hiring at airlines allowing us to offer you the very best inside information at a very affordable price.

The Flight Attendant career offers an exciting, privileged lifestyle that allows you to travel the world while being paid, as well as offering amazing free travel benefits and incredible perks to you, your family and friends! You will also leave your typical 8-5 work life behind for an exciting and fast paced work environment.

You are never too old to begin a Flight Attendant career and no prior training is required! The airline that hires you will train you and no one can duplicate that training!  All you need to do is prepare and apply.  Airlines welcome all applicants and do not discriminate on the basis of gender, race or ethnicity. The Flight Attendant career is truly open to everyone.

Whether you simply want to change your life, leave a boring job for a more interesting, fun work place or have always dreamed of a Flight Attendant career, you absolutely owe it to yourself to get the information that will give you the knowledge and the confidence you need to succeed!  




"The Essential Guide To Becoming A Flight Attendant" includes:

  • Everything you need to know to be successful in your airline interview, including insider, detailed, airline approved guidelines that will tell you exactly what your interviewer will be looking for.

  • Over 90 current airline interview questions with the answers your recruiter wants to hear! These are the questions you will be asked in your airline interviews!

  • Detailed guidelines and insider tips on exactly what you should wear to your airline interview.

  • How to stand out at your interview, plus key information to enhance your performance, straight from airline recruiters.

  • Detailed instruction on completing your airline application and building your resume, and what you absolutely must include on your application or resume to get hired. 

  • Complete resume and application tips and guidelines, plus an airline approved resume cover letter is included.

  • Information on how to succeed on pre-interview tests (Worldwide city codes and the 24 hour clock are included, so you can begin studying what you need to know prior to your interview) .  

  • The actual role play scenarios you will participate in at your airline interview with the answers you need to impress your recruiter. 

  • An insiders look at flight attendant income, perks, travel benefits, scheduling and much more. A sample trip and a typical flight attendant work day is also included.  

  • Airline terms glossary, understand and speak like an airline insider with this complete list of airline crewmember terminology!

  • Exactly what to expect during Flight Attendant training and how to succeed from the day you arrive until your graduation day!

  • We are proud to offer 100% unlimited support after the sale!  

Kiki's personal guarantee: 2015 marks our 18th year as the only airline approved source of flight attendant hiring information available, and THE source on the flight attendant career. We have helped thousands of people just like you begin an exciting new career as a flight attendant!  We are often copied, but never duplicated. 

We are a secure internet merchant, we are recognized, endorsed and trusted by airlines as the premier hiring guide and we have a proven success record plus a firm commitment to helping you achieve your dream job! If you want to be hired as a flight attendant, you need this information. 

Our staff is made up of airline flight attendants and I am in touch with airline recruiting representatives daily as well as attending and observing flight attendant interview sessions,  so you can be sure the information you receive is accurate.  I have enjoyed meeting so many of you at interviews around the world and love hearing from you.  We look forward to much continued success for our clients in 2015.

Many hiring opportunities are available now!  We are receiving new listings and updates from airlines, and we have clients being hired DAILY, do not miss these opportunities to begin your flight attendant career, you could change your life sooner than you think! Also, we are super excited to offer Interview Prep Service, an amazing resource designed to build your confidence, answer your questions and educate you for your airline interview one on one with Kiki! Let us help you be your best!

Questions?  Please check our FAQ page for answers to the most common questions we receive or email us: kiki@flightattendantcareer.com

The Essential Guide To Becoming A Flight Attendant

Why would you trust preparing for something as important as your flight attendant career to anyone but a seasoned flight attendant professional like Kiki Ward? Get the right information and get the job.

                                                               Client Testimonials

"YES it is Delta Airlines! Thanks to you, I got the offer today! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, is the only work to describe you, your guide and my spectacular resume. could not have done it without you." #Iwantmywingsnowlol. Love, Marie

"Hello Kiki, I just wanted to say thank you for the great book and overview. It really help me prepare for my interview and all the information was exactly correct. I was just hired by American Airlines and I canít thank you enough. For anyone seeking employment in this industry, I feel your book is a must have! I wish I could do a commercial testimonial for you! But, thank you again for assisting in making my dream come true." Justin

"Kiki I was selected at Republic and also at PSA! I felt so prepared, ready and competitive and totally saw how I stood out ("shined" as you would say!) and where others did not because of what I learned from your guide. Never felt better about an interview and told many applicants who weren't selected that they need to get your guide!  Thank you for giving me the wonderful gift of knowledge. You are an inspiration." Maggie

"I was hired by Sky West! Thanks to your book and all your support when I had questions. Your book and overviews helped me more than you know.  Everything is right on target and helped me get the job. I was so well prepared when I went to the interview, the book is a must have if you are planning to become a flight attendant. Your information is the best available. I could not have done it without it. also thank you for giving me my confidence back, I'm over 40 and I did it! Thank you Kiki so very much.  I owe my career to you." CJ

" I wrote you a year ago to thank you for your United Airlines overview, which helped me beat out 79 other people that day to secure my dream job!  Since then, I've spent a year as a flight attendant here, and it's been incredible. When Southwest Airlines opened hiring recently,  I immediately bought your Southwest overview and applied my answers to the phone interview.  I was called the next day for a face-to-face and they called me today to offer me the job, exactly one week after the phone interview! I'm so excited to work at the best airline in the industry, and start having FUN at work!  But I know I wouldn't have even snagged the experience at United without your help, and once again, you've saved me.  I recommend your overviews to everyone I can, but I just wanted to let you know how helpful they were. 2 major airline interviews.  2 job offers.  2 years. Can't argue with that. :D, Becky.

"Kiki, Thank you for sending us no less than five exceptionally well prepared applicants today, in ONE session!. You are making my job very easy! Seriously, keep up the great work, it is so wonderful and refreshing to sit across from these very well prepared, informed applicants. BTW, The reason I know they worked with you is because I overheard one say your name and I had already CJO'd the group, so I asked, and turns out all five had worked with you and the products from your site and of course could not say enough good things about you.. Wanted to let you know." Name withheld, FA/Recruiter, USA  

"Hired at American Airlines! My DREAM job. Thanks is not a big enough word to tell how grateful I am! My resume was wonderful, the guide set me up for success and the overview was spot on! I am still floating! Kiki I owe you so much for being my mentor and my inspiration in this process!" Megan

"Guess who is a Delta Flight Attendant? ME!!! WOO HOO!!!!! Thank you Kiki, you made the difference in moving me into this new place in my life and you are a dear for always reading my emails and answering my crazy questions. Owe it all to you girly!" M.L.  

"I want to tell you thank you from the bottom of my heart for being generous enough to write such an informative book! The Essential Guide To Becoming A Flight Attendant is a must have for all potential flight attendants. It truly takes you step by step through the entire process. At my interview, my recruiter remarked that she was shocked I was not already a flight attendant, I did not want to give away my secret, but it was thanks to you and your book. I was invited to training the following day. Thanks for making my dream come true." Janine

"Greetings Kiki! Two airline offers for me, American Airlines and USAirways! Can you believe this? I thought my problem would be getting picked, not deciding where to go! LOL Your information is the secret, you are an amazing person for sharing it with all of us and I just wanna scream it out to everyone who wants to be where I am!  I am profoundly thankful." Maria

Kiki I was selected at Horizon! Every bit of your material was right on, (I have not let go of your guide since I got it!) I know my resume was very well received, and I looked so good, if I do say so myself! I looked around the room and saw what everyone else was doing wrong, wearing wrong and saying wrong because you taught me well! All of your tips made me a stand out, head to toe. I am so excited to fly for this amazing airline. M.L.

Just wanted to let you know thanks to your book, support, resume (first class). Best money I've spent. I have been hired at Virgin America!  Great job I will continue to spread the word. Thanks again, you rock!" Wendy

"I went on my interview with United Airlines yesterday and I was offered the job as Flight Attendant!  Your book completely prepared me for the interview.  The interview was a very intense process but with your book and
your support, I made it! "Kathy

"Got it at AA! You are my guardian angel for all you have done for me. I can't even believe I get to be a part of the new AA! Overwhelmed with gratitude and I hope to meet you in person someday so I can give you a big hug!" Brittany

"HIRED at Delta Airlines! Thanks for the great resume, overview and book. I am so excited! Ling, Chatswoth, CA

"Just wanted to say a quick thank you. I have now got two cabin crew jobs thanks to your superb book. My first airline job has been with EasyJet and I am going to start my dream job with British Airways long haul at Heathrow next month. Your book has been very helpful and informative. I lent my book to my friend and she got straight in with Emirates. Thanks once again"  Alan

"I want to send you a HUGE thank you hug from me. Thanks to your book I was hired at Virgin America. I was turned down at 3 different airlines and I almost gave up but then a friend told me about you and look at me now I finally made it!" Kindest Regards Susann

"Hello from Jetblue's newest flight attendant! I made it Kiki! Thank you for the guide, your encouragement and for educating me through the written word! Your guide is like a miniature training course for flight attendant wannabes like me!!! I will see you in the sky!" Michael

I got the job with Republic! Thank you Kiki, I am forever grateful for generous wisdom and kindness! Shelly

"Your guide changed my life! I have been hired at Southwest Airlines.  I have encouraged everyone at my interview to get your guide and overview, plus everyone else I meet. I simply would not be here without your guide and helpful emails. You are a real blessing to us all. What people probably do not know is that you genuinely care about your customers, and it shows, plus your overview information is word for word what happened in the interview! -Nancy

"Your book and Alaska Airlines overview are right on! Your information was exactly what they asked in the interview. The question and answer portion of your book really provided a solid base where I could match my own experiences to the answers and be ready for the interview which was an intense process. All prospective applicants need to read your book and PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE! I do not know how to ever thank you." Ben

         For more testimonials from our many satisfied clients,  click here






Outshine your competition by knowing exactly what to expect at your interview before you go! 
In addition to our best selling flight attendant hiring guide, we are proud to be exclusively offering airline interview overviews! This information is direct from trusted airline sources. It is information that is made available only to us, (If you see this information somewhere else, they got it here!) The questions you'll be asked, group exercises and what you can expect in the interview from arrival to departure!  
These overviews are instantly downloaded at time of purchase.

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