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We proudly offer the only airline recognized Flight Attendant Career hiring guide, The Essential Guide to Becoming A Flight Attendant. This 145 page Flight Attendant career guide written by American Airlines Flight Attendant and Flight Attendant hiring expert, Kiki Ward is packed with insider information about the Flight Attendant career as well as essential application tips, airline interview questions with answers and everything you need to know to be successful in Flight Attendant training after you are selected. We also offer our airline Resume Service, First Class Service and our exclusive airline interview overviews to help you be the stand out applicant airlines select.

If you are ready to begin your Flight Attendant Career, it's all here. 

Our guide is contributed to and recognized by airlines, so you can be confident that the information you receive is accurate.  We have built a solid relationship with the people who do the hiring at airlines allowing us to offer you the very best inside information at a very affordable price. In addition, after 30 years in the airline industry there is simply no one who has the experience and inside information that Kiki offers.

The Flight Attendant career offers an exciting, privileged lifestyle that allows you to travel the world while being paid, as well as offering amazing free travel benefits and incredible perks to you, your family and friends! You will also leave the standard work life behind for an exciting and fast paced work environment.

Whether you simply want to change your life, leave a boring job for a more interesting, fun work place or have always dreamed of a Flight Attendant career, you absolutely owe it to yourself to get the information that will give you the knowledge and the confidence you need to succeed!

What's inside:

  • Everything you need to know to be successful in your airline interview, including inside, detailed, airline approved guidelines that will tell you exactly what your interviewer will be looking for.

  • Over 90 current airline interview questions with the answers your recruiter wants to hear! These are the questions you will be asked in your airline interviews!

  • Detailed guidelines and insider tips on exactly what you should wear to your airline interview and how to stand out and make the right impression, plus key information to enhance your performance.

  • Detailed instruction on completing your airline application, cover letter and resume with essential tips and guidelines.

  • Information on how to succeed on pre-interview tests. Worldwide city codes and the 24 hour clock are included, so you can begin studying what you need to know prior to your interview.  

  • The role play scenarios you will participate in at your airline interview with the answers you need to impress your recruiter. 

  • An insiders look at flight attendant income, perks, travel benefits, scheduling and much more. A sample trip and a typical flight attendant work day is also included.  

  • Airline terms glossary, understand and speak like an airline insider with this complete list of airline crewmember terminology!

  • What to expect during Flight Attendant training and how to succeed from the day you arrive until your graduation day!  

Who we are:  2017 marks our 21st year as the only airline approved source of Flight Attendant hiring information available, and my 30th year in the airline industry. We are very proud to have helped thousands of people just like you begin an exciting new career as a Flight Attendant! View our many testimonials! and read about Kiki Ward.

We are a secure merchant, recognized and trusted by airlines as the go to source on the Flight Attendant career and we have a proven success record plus a firm commitment to helping you achieve your dream job! If you want to be hired as a Flight Attendant, you need this information.  We have clients hired at airlines worldwide everyday. They are absolutely loving their exciting new career and wondering why they did not do it sooner. Let us help you change your life and begin your Flight Attendant career!

Our staff is made up of airline Flight Attendants and I am in contact with airline recruiting representatives as well as attending and observing the very same interview sessions you will, so you can be sure the information you receive is accurate. We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your Flight Attendant career!   

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